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Limbeck - the wine collective.

Limbeck - the wine collective.

Matthias Limbeck had the idea to found a platform for quality wines coming from the region of Burgenland, Austria. The aim is to bring together the friends of winemakers from the western and eastern shores of Lake Neusiedl and their excellent wines with interested wine lovers. It is an association of selected winemaker families who have maintained a good circle of friends for decades.


The task and realization.

The task for dots & details was to give the idea an identity. A claim had to be created. The brand name itself was given. Since it is an association of four friends with the common goal to explain to the world what wonderful and tasty wine they produce, the name "The Wine Collective" was more than fitting. For the branding, it was now important to make the association and the union of the wine growers, the region and the quality of the wines recognizable. The logo reflects this essential theme of the wine collective. Red wine, white wine and specials like the sparkling wine cellar should be expressed. This became recognizable through the choice of colors, which is expressed in the choice of paper. In addition to the online store, the website presents the collective as a whole and each individual winemaker, thus creating a high degree of authenticity in the brand perception. The branding design has a contemporary minimalist look due to the clean lines, the round shape of the logo stands for the union as a collective and additionally it represents the already existing circle of friends. The wave appears as a design detail in the website and is meant to remind that it is not only about wine, but about the region at Lake Neusiedl.


Strategic brand development


Branding Concept

Branding Design

Web design


Photos by Steve Haider
Casephotos by Winfried Flohner

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