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A brand is beautiful - a strong brand works.

A strong brand is not just beautiful to look at or sounding in the ear. A strong brand works. That's why branding and appropriate design solutions are also a major responsibility and have a significant impact on the future of a brand. dots & details focuses on sustainable branding and the identification of individual brand identities, which are then translated into a unified visual form. The result is a clear corporate identity and a brand that is not only seen, but also understood, loved and bought.

Creating brands is creating personalities. 

In most people's minds, a typical girl named "Franziska" has red, curly hair, a cheeky mouth and only nonsense in mind. A typical boy called "Paul" however, is wearing glasses, has academic parents and an old bicycle in the basement.


I feel the same way about brands as I do about these attributions for names and people. I want to give them names and faces, breathe life into them and understand and help shape their entire biography. I want to give them character, develop them further, and dress them in colors that suit them, or colors that they might never choose on their own. With dots & details, I bring visions "into shape" together with my clients - from the first point to the last detail. Because in the end, it's all about creating a brand that feels right - as if you've known it forever. Just like Franziska and Paul.

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