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Evit & Edtmühle
Joseph Leimüller

The task

As a traditional family business in Neumarkt am Wallersee, “Edtmühle” stands for untreated in-house flour by tradition. The challenge? To create a clear line and brand identity that makes the values of Edtmühle & Evit tangible for customers.


The design solution

The focus was on relaunching the logo and creating separate labels for the two product types "Edtmühle and Evit". Edtmühle stands for quality flour and Evit for quality mixed compound feed.  The spikes of corn and the colors blue and yellow were included and restaged. Thanks to the reduced design, the focus is so clearly on the two labels. In order to do even more justice to the credo "all-natural", special attention was paid to ecological responsibility in packaging and paper.


Brand Identiy

Brand Concept

Corporate Design

Packaging Design

Fotos by Winfried Flohner

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