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Greinöcker & Willibald Gold Coffee

Traditional coffee since 1913

The task

Greinöcker & Willibald is a traditional coffee company, based on the Viennese coffee house culture. The small, specialized coffee roasting company has been roasting coffee since 1913 as a family business with a great passion for coffee. The foundation stone was once laid by the grandfather. According to his old secret recipe the coffee is still roasted today in small quantities in Upper Austria - by hand and with great attention to detail. Dots & details was commissioned to make this valuable old brand accessible to new customer groups with a gentle rebranding.


The solution. More than just design.

The purpose of the strategic planning process was to create a vision to drive change and transformation. This required a new strategic direction for the brand. The strategic plan links the vision to priorities and goals. For successful execution, it was necessary to create a new brand identity and brand positioning. Only then could an adequate, functional, brand image be created through a cohesive and strategic planning process.

New branding design.

To give the brand presence, a new communications strategy was also needed. It set the tone and direction so that all communication activities, products and materials could work together harmoniously to achieve the desired change. New packaging was designed and a dedicated website with an online store was set up. In addition to offline communication tools, such as folders and online social media channels with different contents, are also managed as part of the new communication. For the targeted generation of new sales markets, the website is managed using Google Ad campaigns.


Strategic Brand Development

Branding Design

packaging design

Web design

Social Media Marketing

Content Strategy and Planning

Google Ad Campaign Support

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