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dts trading GmbH & Co. KG

The task

dts Trading GmbH & Co.KG is a company operating diesel filling stations with the aim of offering a comprehensive network throughout Europe for cashless fuel purchases, as well as other related services. The headquarter, located in Salzburg, was rebuilt in 2019 and renovated from scratch. dots & details was allowed to contribute to the interior design through branded space design.


The design solution

The existing branding got a soft relaunch. The new space and interior design was set to be inspiring, comfortable and optimally aligned with the company. With the professionally implemented space and interior design solutions, the use of space could be optimized and the company could look modernized. Since the company operates in over 18 countries, it was especially important to be able to represent service and products in all languages. This was made possible by an illuminated wall design. This effective use of lighting and carefully selected materials allowed dts Trading GmbH & Co.KG to live up to its brand values, and the stylish space acts as a good hook when competing for new customers and employees.


Branding Design, Interiorspace Design

Interior architecture: found' unique rooms

Interiordesign: found' unique rooms

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