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Maison Moser

The task

Christine Moser is not just a hairdresser. She is a hairdresser who also brings her salon to others' homes. In addition to a small fine salon at your home, she also offers flexible and mobile hairdressing house visits. But how do you communicate this "hairdresser feeling also at your home" to the customer?


The design solution

Competence, friendliness and elegance - all under one "roof": this was the idea behind the francophile name "Maison Moser". Through the scissors and the comb in the logo, it is nevertheless immediately recognizable that it is a hairdresser. To emphasize the design with an additional patina, a pattern was designed consisting of lines and curves reminiscent of "cut and curly hair", giving the background look more dynamism. Oh, and yes: the "lacy text" on the website again emphasizes your literal "lacy service".


Brand Concept

Corporate Design

Fotos by Winfried Flohner

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