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bliem & partner

bliem & partner.

Bliem & Partner Immobilien is an established real estate agency in the city and province of Salzburg and can draw on over 30 years of experience in the Salzburg real estate market.


The task and realization.

Dots & details was commissioned to carry out a branding relaunch. It was important to the client that the new design be a re-staging of Bliem und Partner. Thus, the appearance was completely changed in its entirety. The logo, the font, the design as well as the colors were redesigned. The only element that remained was the round shape in the logo. The name "bliem" was staged with a meaningful typography as a statement. The claim "We create living values" was retained. Being a real estate company, it was of great necessity that Bliem's values such as seriousness and competence are perceived from the outside. For this purpose, a rich and clear typeface was used. The round lettering of the addition "& partner immobilien" created a recognition value from the old logo and rounded off the logo as a whole. The stroke in the middle provides balance and gave the individual words a clear separation. When choosing colors, care was taken to ensure that the colors were muted, rich and serious. Therefore, a combination of dove gray, brown and beige was chosen, which in color psychology is associated with seriousness, down-to-earthness, stability as well as honesty and sincerity. The colors played an important role in the implementation, as they are also reflected in the paper selection. The branding design was implemented in the communication tools such as business cards, stationery, envelopes. In order to convey the professionalism of the company to the customers, special wing folders were made and bags were produced that perfectly matched the branding design. In addition to the branding design, a web design was created, which is a supporting role in the company, as the website always presents the latest properties. This resulted in a coherent and consistent brand image.


Branding Concept

Branding Design


photos by Sophie Schaller
casephotos by Winfried Flohner

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