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Berger-Bau. Build with trust.

The construction company is already managed by the second generation and implements high-quality construction projects with passion and pride. It combines years of diverse experience with new innovations. The special thing about the construction company is that the boss himself still visits the construction site and a reliable handshake quality is a matter of course. Thus, the company develops trust, which can also be felt in the employees. The vital building block for the success of Berger-Bau is to be able to build with them through trust.


the task and realization.

dots & details had the privilege to help Berger-Bau in the transformation during the handover from one generation to the next. The branding relaunch took place on the website as well as a new digital transformation on the social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram. In order to be able to implement here in a targeted manner, strategic brand building was of enormous importance. In this process, the vision was worked out together with the company and the strategic direction was defined. The goal was to make the company better known in the region and to clearly position Berger-Bau in its refresh on the market. For the new digital staging, the photos of the Berger-Bau team and the portfolio about the projects were of enormous importance. "Building with confidence", the claim of Berger-Bau is presented on the website through different themes. The story of Berger-Bau, the importance of the employees, the handshake quality and the new innovative approach by taking over the generation is further counted on Instagram and Facebook, that is done by the support and implementation of dots & details.


Strategic brand development

Branding Design

Web design

Social Media Marketing

Content Strategy and Planning

photos by Sophie Schaller
casephotos by Winfried Flohner

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