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David Mahler

David Mahler.

David Mahler, psychologist, offers help for change in overcoming a range of emotional and mental health issues. David Mahler's passion for psychology is evident through his empathetic nature, as well as in his approach. He takes an individual approach to his clients' needs in order to bring about solutions. 


The task and realization.

dots & details was allowed to create a matching branding to his persona as a psychologist. The result was a logo that expresses the balance between heart and mind. The humanity should be in the foreground, which is expressed by a personal line management. To support the branding in terms of color, a light green was used, which at the same time presents the psychology of color, as well as new beginnings and hope. The branding design was done through the implementation of business cards, appointment cards, stationery, envelopes as well as website.


Branding Concept

Branding Design

Web design

photos by Markus Huber

Casephotos by Winfried Flohner

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