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haus und hof. 
one. two. three. apartments

one. two. three apartments. that’s haus und hof.

One. Two. Three. Apartments. That’s haus und hof.

The most beautiful things in life are usually somewhat hidden and want to be found. haus und hof is such a place. It combines the beauty of nature with the special things in life and the passion for architecture and design. A place with its own atmosphere, because the apartments live the love for detail, for nature, for extraordinary architecture and sensual moments. A retreat where the special is at home.

Elegant. Minimalist. High-quality.


The task and realization.

haus und hof was accompanied by dots & details right from the construction phase. This gave the opportunity to develop a good and well-founded relationship with the owners and the object. This resulted in a special feeling for and access to the design apartments. The branding could be built up coherently and perfectly fitting. In addition to the branding design, the strategic orientation and goals were jointly determined. The three different apartments at haus und hof are an essential part of the brand and are noticeable in the branding design as well as in the interior design. The goal was to bring out the details and loving dedication to the architecture and interior design and make them tangible to the client. In addition, it was important to represent "haus und hof" as an overall property as well as each individual apartment as a unique piece. The branding was implemented as a holistic approach. The design was used on printed matter such as business cards, stationery, folders, envelopes, image brochures, in the photography in the Tone of Voice as well as the implementation of a comprehensive website.


In addition to branding, dots & details is allowed to look after haus und hof in social media from the very beginning. Great care is taken to ensure that the approach to the "haus und hof" brand becomes tangible and palpable in the communication channels.


Strategic brand development

Communication strategy

Marketing strategy

Branding Design

packaging design

Web design

Social Media Marketing

Content Strategy and Planning

Google Ad Campaign Support

Photos by Winfried Flohner

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